Visiting Ethics Taught By Islam

Islam provides technical guidance related to visiting ethics. And this is very important, besides creating a harmonious social relationship and sweet fruit among fellow Muslim women will also make this visit worth the worship and fruitful rewards. When planning a visit, you should have a good intention when visiting.

Good intentions will make trivial things in the human view extraordinary in the sight of God. For that reason, a visit that is fruitful should women be made good women, noble and have a concern for religion. Women who can deliver and remind God.

1. Before leaving

Plan the right time to visit. Determine the day and hour exactly to fit the condition of the person you want to visit. Try as much as possible so that the visit does not disturb the host. this can be done by confirming it first through a communication device.

2. When leaving

A woman who wants to leave the house must pay attention to her makeup. This includes several provisions, such as cleaning yourself to be free from unpleasant odors, whether from acidic sweat, kitchen fumes, or cooking spices that are sometimes stinging in the sun.

Besides that, they are also dressed in Muslim women who cover their genitals well. it is loose in size, does not resemble men’s clothing and also should not be dressed in glamor and menor. Besides that, it doesn’t use perfume.

3. Before stepping foot

Before leaving the house, don’t forget to ask permission from your husband if you have a family, or to a guardian for those who have no family. This has been inherited by Ibn Taimiyah, namely “it is not lawful for a wife to leave her house except with her husband’s permission. If he leaves without the husband’s permission, then including immorality to Allah and his Messenger.

In addition, it is also permissible to read prayers when going out. by reading this prayer, then God willing, you will be protected from the disturbance of shaitan. So by relying on God and holding fast to Him, set foot calmly to pick up goodness and divine blessings.

When stepping foot then you should be careful. This means that Allah reminds women to try to close the gap of men slander as much as possible Women are asked to pay attention to the syar’i’s style of appearance according to the guidelines of Islamic law, so as not to tempt men with the scent that makes men’s hearts surge.

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4. Arriving at the destination

Thank God when he arrived at his destination safely. If there is an agreement to be picked up, cheer up when you meet him. That is part of the characteristic appearance of a Muslim, which is beaming when you meet. Besides that it is also charity.

5. In front of the door

The door is another person’s secret gate. For people who want to visit and have arrived in front of the door of the destination house, they should pay attention to the ethics of the syar’i. That is, as soon as he arrives at the house to be visited, stand beside the door. Do not stand right in front of the door so as not to surprise when suddenly someone comes out.

Then tap the door to taste, not too slowly and not too hard at all. Too slow knocking will not be heard by the host, and if it is too hard, it will disturb the host. In addition to saying hello, this kindness prayer should never be forgotten by a Muslim, besides for modesty, it also follows the sunnah of the Prophet.

Do not try to peek inside the house, through the luvang on the door, the cracks in the walls, or the window that opens the curtains. Request permission and knock on the door three times. if there is no answer. As marked there is no permission to enter the visit. Then it is not permissible to keep knocking on doors or greeting, because the Messenger of Allah forbade this.

If the host is out and there is a prior agreement to visit, then it is okay to wait until it arrives. Contacting him through communication devices is certainly wiser so he can get certainty. If this is not possible, you should undo the visiting plan and plan to return to another day.

When opened the door and allowed to enter. Enter politely and don’t forget to read the prayer into the house. so that we and the host get blessings for our visit.

6.During the house

When we are inside the house of the person we want to visit, then avoid acts that are not polite as saying rude, talking about the bad. And when the owner of the house offers food or drink we must accept it well. although sometimes the food or drink we don’t like.

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