Spending time with those we love is a pleasure culminative. There will always be moments more precious rare that can leave a lasting impression in our hearts. To maintain the integrity of those precious moments, it is now one of the leading camera manufacturers have to be exact NIKON camera series very suitable for beginners. So if you are a newcomer to the world of photography and want to buy a camera or confused to choose what type of camera, the camera NIKON D3300 series could be the first choice reliable.

Although NIKON D3300 series is not a new product, but the quality of shots produced by this camera is undoubtedly since first launching in January 2014. For these types of members DSLR camera is priced by NIKON price is still relatively affordable at around 5.5 million rupiah. Among the advantages possessed NIKON D3300 is:


NIKON D3300 is a compact and versatile camera with a DX-format 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor and EXPEED image processor 4. The combination of sensor and processor best on this camera is able to produce images with a resolution high enough. In low light the position of the ISO sensitivity can be expanded up to 25600, and up to 5 fps continuous shooting and video recording capabilities can last up to Full HD 1080p.In addition to the above advantages, the design of sensors embedded in the camera can eliminate the traditional optical low-pass filter aagar can produce maximum sharpness and good resolution when shooting photos or when creating a video. Completeness of assets in the NIKON D3300 adds more complete with 11-point autofocus system, so that the camera can focus your project quickly and accurately in all lighting conditions.

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Type NIKON D3300 lens is the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6G VR II lens, with a 35mm standard zoom (equivalent focal length range 27-82.5mm). This lens incorporates VR image stabilization system that is strong enough. VR system in the camera helps to minimize the appearance of camera shake in clips up to four shutter speed steps. Wow, pretty high right shutter speed of this camera. Then the camera is also equipped with super integrated lens coatings are useful to reduce flare and ghosting in the resulting photos and videos. Furthermore NIKON D3300 camera lens can be removed from the camera body and can be replaced with the NIKON F mount lenses.


Various wireless options for connectivity with smartphones or tablets can be achieved through module Nikon WU-1a or Eye-Fi SD card. The camera adapter can be used to provide Wi-Fi connectivity. With so many advantages contained in the entry-level camera of this kind, we can control the camera remotely could also transfer files in a way that is very easy and fast. Quite effective and efficient instead.

Hopefully the above article can answer the anxiety you in selecting the appropriate camera for beginners or entry-level. And lastly NIKON D3300 camera make your real friends in an adventure in the world of photography.

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